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Musing on wandering eyes.

Am I right?

Well apparently, Miss Pretty has that specific entry locked, so, the important point was the following comment:

My thoughts are as such:
It's my opinion that it's healthy to notice people you're attracted to. Granted, there are tactful ways of going about it. (ie. not saying things like, "God I'd love to f*ck that person." to your significant other.)

I tend to think that people who swear they're not attracted to anyone else when they're in a relationship are repressing a huge part of their being. Their Sexuality. Most people, by general nature, are sexual beings. To state that you shouldn't ever think anyone else is attractive when dating someone else is ridiculous. Everyone else doesn't suddenly become hideously ugly, so it's not as if you can "turn off" your eyes. People who deny *any* feelings, are kidding themselves, and in the long run, it will most likely come out in a destructive way. (ie. 50 year old men, married with children, who finally admit they're big gay and leave.)

Like I said before, there's a right way and a wrong way to go about it. If you do it so often and in such a way that it makes your significant other think you're not interested in them anymore, that's probably not the right way. You could turn it into a fun event: checking out other people, as a couple. You can ask things like, "How cute do you think that guy/girl is?" and make it into a bonding type game thing.

But it's about trust too.


Besides, if I was unhappy with who I was with, I wouldn't be with them.

I don't Settle.
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