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The word of the day at the office is: asshat

My dream is coming true; Ikea is building a store three times the previous one RIGHT NEXT DOOR.

I have an office with a window today as they're ripping my normal office into little tiny drywall pieces. I wanted to cry.

The word of the day is: asshat

I got a ticket two days ago for taking a right turn on a yellow light. Last I checked, it was legal to take a right at a red light, so I dunno why it was ticket-worthy. I plan on fighting this in court as the officer wasn't even facing the light to begin with, and couldn't have known whether the light was purple let alone red/yellow.

Work is starting to liquefy my brains, and I'm tempted to save myself the pain & suffering and stick a vacuum in my ear.

The word is: asshat

B and I went to lunch @ La Hacienda and had semi-decent Mexican-food.

I've switched to Camel Ultra-Lights in the never-ending war to quit smoking.


On Friday I'm swallowing all my hatred for Numbers and taking Sammy there for her birthday. Why she couldn't just go to 1415 instead, I'll never know. Personally, I think she enjoys torturing me more than actually going to the club. My only consolation is that I might run into Rasshole and get to hit him with my car.

He was wearing all black, and I didn't even see him officer!
Oh, that!
Well, you see, I wasn't sure what had happened so I put my car in reverse and went back to see if I had hit someone, and by golly, I ran over him again!
And then I put my car in drive so I could go look for an ambulance to help him, and I'll be damned if I didn't hit him again!
Why yes officer, I *am* an EMT, why do you ask?

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