Jeremy (rezik) wrote,

Fucking Random

Ok, so, I went to the Pride Parade in Houston to volunteer as their medic. I showed up, and turns out they had asked Pride EMS to work the parade. Ethan showed up and sorta disappeared upon seeing that he wouldn't be able to work as a medic, and I didn't see him again b/c of various projects I was given.

I ended up *literally* leading the parade.

How these things happen, I do not know.

I saw: Matt Kelling, Thor Pederson, Justin (of Bryan, Jeremy, Justin, & sons), Ethan, Rasshole, Sue & Daryl, and a million other people I hadn't seen in forever.

Also, I stayed up until 8am talking to a girl, of all people. Obviously, this means I did not snare he-who-shall-not-be-named, but not because I chatted with new friend. I didn't snare he-who-shall-not, because I was too busy doing volunteer stuff, and he met someone that he brought back to the after party at his house. Not my idea of fun, so I didn't attend.

But the boys from Pride Committee drooled after me evidently, so that's refreshing.

I simply *must* do this again next year.
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